Guild Information

Skaoi A posted Sep 21, 16

The Cabal is the oldest guild still standing on Frostmourne. The Cabal values loyalty, respect, honesty, and we seek to create a friendly and sociable culture. We have always been a raiding guild, and we aim to clear all content at the highest difficulty possible while maintaining a strongly bonded and positive raid team.

Raids are Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday evenings. We raid 7.45pm til 11pm Server Time.

We do not demand a lot from our members; we feel our expectations are mostly basic courtesy and simple baselines that would be expected in any raid guild. We understand that we are all human, and prone to stress, impatience, and fatigue. Making mistakes is okay as long as they are learned from.

General Expectations:

  • Notify us if you will be late or absent on a raid night; this can be in-game or directly to Skaoi via mobile.
  • Be respectful and courteous towards other guild members.
  • Remember that your actions in the world represent the guild; excessive trolling, abusing other players, ninja looting, and other negative behaviours will not be tolerated.
  • Run any raids fairly, including disclosing any loot reservations prior to first boss.
  • Have a reliable internet connection.

For raids, we expect raiders to:

  • Be online on time and on the way to the instance.
  • Notify officers by whisper if you need to go afk or leave.
  • Have Teamspeak 3 with a working microphone, and a willingness to speak up.
  • Have your gear gemmed, enchanted, and repaired.
  • Only use Heroism and combat resurrections when called by an officer or the Raid Leader.
  • Listen to calls and follow instructions given by officers and the Raid Leader.
  • Wait to offer feedback until after the fight is over.

Rank Information:

Recruit is usually 6 raid nights, but will go on as long as required to prove reliability, skill, and trustworthiness.
Brother rank is awarded on merit; it is a reward for loyalty, contribution to guild and raids, or similar display of dedication to the guild. Brothers are veteran raiders and long-time guild members.

Loot information:

For Legion raiding, we will be using Personal Loot. This may change at higher difficulty levels, but raiders will be consulted before changes to the loot system are made.